He expertly undid the rest of my buttons and the zipper on my high waisted jeans and slipped them off. As soon as they hit the floor, it seemed like h...s shorts were lying there to. That was when I could clearly see his member standing at attention through his boxers, and it was enough to drive me over the edge. Austin looked down at my lace thong and smiled. "What?" I asked. Even in my hormonal state, I was beginning to get self conscious. "I just never thought that you of all people would be. ‘You can’t mean that. No–no one likes freckles.’ ‘I do. I love every one of them. See?’ And as if to prove his contention, he bent to kiss her collarbone, trailing a line of kisses across to her arm. ‘Beautiful. Although…’ He hoisted himself up on his elbows to give her breasts his full attention. ‘Hell, you see, now I don’t know,’ he continued with a considering smile. ‘I never got to look at these last night. But now that I have…’ Rather to her embarrassment, she released a squeak as his. It simply said "Tomorrow : No Panties." Kim screwed it up and threw it in the bin, feeling herself blushing. She looked across at Dave, who was staring straight at her, and smiled at him.The following day Kim dressed almost exactly the same for work, except that she wore no knickers as instructed by Dave, and she wore a black bra under her thin white blouse. All morning Dave tried to get a look up the teenage tart's skirt, but to no avail. Kim kept her legs firmly together, wanting to tease him. ”And just that quickly it was over and decided. Joanne had taken the lead and settled everything. I looked forward to having Kelly’s body under me and Jack had Joanne. It was going to be a thrilling night.- - - - -As I crawled into bed with gorgeous Kelly, she asked, “Did Jack tell you that we wife-swap with two couples back home?”“He did! And I can see why. It’s because you’re so gorgeous and hot.”“Aww. Aren’t you sweet?" she said as she rolled on top of me. As we kissed, she started to grind.

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