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She said she enjoyed it as much as I did but it had to be our secret and we could do it more if I didn’t tell anyone. I readily agreed and she was time for my first lesson. She took my hand and led me into the bathroom where she stripped and we got in the shower as she had me wash her she explained the different parts of her body paying special attention to her pussy and clit. Once I had washed her she started washing me. Of course I was rock hard again. She said that she had. "I knew we should've fired your asslast year instead of offering you this position." Oh yea, well maybe if you and Mrs. Jenkins had been a little morethorough in you investigation last year you would've figured out I hadnothing to do with the missing tuition money. Now you can both sufferthe embarrassment of enrolling a boy into your all girl high societysnobatorium!" Get your things and get out of here! If I have my way, I will havethe police arrest you for fraud!" Good luck with that my dear!. . she was grabbing on the sofa and jumping up and down her breast were somewhat flapping up and down they were very nice and firm covered in sweat my part was banging against her's hard.. you could hear the slaps sounds as we were doing it.she was goin up and down full speed.She then let out a last aahh moaning sound trying to catch her breath she had just let out some juice all over my part she then leans on me with a tender loving hug wrapping her arms around my neck and kisses me with. “Hello?” “Karen, it's Bob.” I didn't reply. “We have made it to the airfield but the hydraulics are gone. The undercarriage is down but we are truly in the hands of God now. Good luck.” “Good luck.” I repeated. I took one last breath, pressed the PA button and summoning every last ounce of strength shouted into the mic. “Brace! Brace! Brace!” There was not a sound and everyone that I could see, without exception, snapped forwards immediately and unquestioningly.. Once I was satisfied that.

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