“I called up Chuck last night and he agreed that we could do this with the power of our new Master PC program. You guys need to sit down,” I gestu...ed at the couch. Audrey sat there, but Todd plopped down sideways in my lap. Even up this close, he looked like the real McCoy.“You need to be Audrey,” I began, and her pout was immediate. “BUT ... there is so much more to you. You are a sexual savant, you are and proven actress. And you are clearly comfortable being someone else.”“I agree with all. Steve perked up a little more as did his substantial member.“Do you like that, Mr. Thomas,” Jordan inquired. “Hell yeah,” the aroused forty-eight year old grunted. “I’m gonna fix another drink.”Jordan prodded when Steve returned, “When was the last time you fucked a gurl like me?”“It’s been about two years.”“Why so long, daddy?”“Haven’t really found anyone that turned me on like you do in a while.”“When was your first time?”“That’s an interesting story,” Steve started. “I blew my knee at when I. Now for a man with a less than average cock size the last thing I needed was to be shown an eight inch vibrator. But it did confirm to me that just like my first wife, my second wife also needed more than I was able to give her, but rather than decide to end the marriage my wife seemed to enjoy making it obvious that all I was needed for was the money that I earned and the fact that I did the housework.Unknown to me at the time but the day that my wife bought herself a vibrator, was also the. Seems like Lisa was constantly walking around with an old rag she used to wipe up small puddles of cum that frequently escaped down her legs. She took lots of showers and was usually in bed and asleep before 8, at which point I would get a play by play of all the action that day from the boys.Lisa checked each morning before the boys got up to see if her movie was posted. She was very excited when it finally was. I came home from work to find her waiting for me out in the yard. When I asked if.

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