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.. Acting like a boy. Besides, you're married.- Forget it... No one will know. Think of me as if I were a priest, okay? It's a secret, everything's a ...ecret, a secret of ours. I'll wait for you next week.He's gone, shy and embarrassed, and I've gone tô the bathroom tô relieve myself, tô satisfy myself in a sinful, indecent, sordid way... A way that no professional had the right tô do... But I did, I jerked off there, I enjoyed thinking of K's dick or would it be Jeff's?Who cares, I dreamt of. When that happened, I couldn’t wait to get to my dressing room so I could finger myself.Of course, after a night like that I was so horny that I just had to fuck somebody when I got home. That’s when I’d knock on Damien’s door. He lived in the apartment next to mine and didn’t seem to have a regular girlfriend. He welcomed my late-night visits. I remem­ber the first time I saw him in the hallway. He’d bent over to pick up his news­paper, and oh baby, I knew I had to get some of that! He was. She then looks up at me dead in my eyes and took my cock into her mouth once again this time getting down to the hilt without breaking eye contact. My cock hits the back of her throat and I moan with pleasure. As good as it feels I'm no where near close to cumming so after a few minutes of sucking and my cock and balls. She gets up and mounts me.As she lowers herself onto my cock I grab her breast and start licking and sucking on them again. Moaning as her wet pussy surrounds my cock. "Oh god. "Listen, I know you're upset but I do have a solution, why not take Krystal? Think about it, she's never been on a cruise and if you give her the card to pick up some stuff, you two can hang out in my absence," she said in a resolving sort of voice. This wasn't my ideal plan but she was right, I could do that and besides, Krystal and I didn't spend much time together at all since I was always at work and she had school accompanied by after school activities. "Sure, why not. Her and I will have.

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