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I began to lick her clit slowly before taking it in my mouth and sucking it.This seemed to really excite her as she gave a low moan."Oh yes darling.Th...t is good".After a few minutes of this i began to probe my tongue deep into her pussy.She held her pussy open to enable me to get in as deep as possible."That's it darling.Explore my pussy with your tongue".As i did this she placed her other hand on my head and gently stroked my hair as she pushed on my head.This got me more excited and i began. I really wanted this hot passionate woman in my life so I joined her and her parents on their summer holiday in a rented house in road stairs,Kent in unusually Hot summer weather! The weather wasn,t that great on the Saturday evening we arrived though it was forecasted to improve on the Monday. After supper and watching some tv we were left to our own devices and both totally naked messing around when I knelt before her “Sarah you know how much I love you. Make me happy and say you,ll marry. ”“I mean, can I do that?”“Yes.”“But how would that work?”“You would wish to change the past and I would change the past.”“But what if I accidentally killed myself in the past?”“What?”“I mean what if I wished for something that meant my parents were never born? What would happen to me.”“Oh you wouldn’t exist.”“But. But. What?”“You wouldn’t exist.”“But then who would make the wish?”“Oh then the wishes would never have existed. The world would exist in its new state.”“So before I change the past I. The top aperture was level with the top of her swimsuit which would give a good view of her personal wares. She slowly lowered the straps of her swimsuit pulling them down to her waist exposing her petite but sexy firm breasts. I had a terrific view of her small areola and nipples whilst I enjoyed watching her dry her upper body then apply body lotion to them. Then she started to remove her costume completely. I quickly moved to the lower hole and observed her as she pulled the suit down.

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