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I came to driver seat and started the car. She asked why did you said thanks. I smiled at her and said that was the cutest navel I’ve ever seen, I t...ok her hand and kissed. She said so you fall down ahh.. Let’s go. Why don’t you wear casual dress today, everybody will be staring at you today. I didn’t like it. She said oh man you forgot It’s my birthday today. I’m not coming to college drop me near 9th Block I’m going out with Shekhar ( her boy friend) don’t tell this to mom n dad. I trust u. I. "suck it!" I told him in a low but stern tone of voice. He opened his mouth and took me in, "use your tongue!" I ordered him. He gagged and pulled me out a bit, then slobbered on it, pushing his tongue onto my shaft inside his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and made him follow me as I flew onto my back; his teeth stung me a bit, so I trusted my hips forward as I pulled his head down and put all of me into his little throat. He pulled off and started to gag but I thrust him back down onto. Fir sab satisfied ho gaye hai. Agar mumbai or thane se koi ladki or married women or widow hai jo .Mere saath kuch achha vakt bitana chahti hai or sex krna chahti hai to be zizak muze mail kre pr.Mera naam sanjay mumbai ka rehne wala hu muscular body 6” ka lund hai dikhne me smart hu or mera pesha hi hai logon ko gym karana koin ki me peshe se trainer hu or ye baat bhi mere gym ke bare me hi hai. Kuch din se ek ladki muze pasand aa rahi thi jo mere gym me aatti thi or mene usse yeh baat kabhi. I just sat at home and brooded. Insurance money sat unspent in an account. I went to work still... each day quietly hoping that I was having a bad nightmare. One day I woke up and realized that Laura was gone. She was not coming back.It was a Friday, I called into work and took a sick day. I sat around and cried, suffering a rude awakening. I had been angry and lost for so long it seemed. I determined that from that day on I would live. Live as best I could because life was too short.Still the.

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