She orders a drink and we go sit down. We chat for a bit getting to know each other. The whole time I find myself checking out her body when she isn�...t looking. Unbeknownst to me but she was checking me out too. We didn’t meet to hook up but the tension between us was impossible to fight. We finish our drinks and leave the shop. This is usually the point where the woman thanks me for the coffee and then I never see her again. But this time was different. I walked her to her car and when I went. It worried her a little, but not too much. It worried his school teacher more. Everything worried his school teachers more than it worried her. That’s why she never talked to them. Too much awkward conversation — pretense to appear more interested in the lives of the students than they were. ‘Why don’t you just breast-feed the kid?’ she found herself saying in her mind to Miss Lora Bransworth, whose nagging about Ayan’s late speech developments bugged the hell out of her. Why the hell did she. His breathing gets heavier, his hand a little more harsh as he pushes against my head, forcing me to take more of him. We hungrily suck and lick and tease every inch of his dick and balls. On Taniyah's last pull I move in and kiss her. And she kisses me back hard. I reach down between her legs pressing against the black fabric and she gasps. Ethan takes my free hand and I pull away from her mouth. We look up at him, his eyes still burning, and he tugs our hands, jerking his head toward the. I could feel his knuckles on my vagina while he undid his pants and belt. Releasing his cock. Shoving it inside me. He was fucking me. He was r****g me. Taking what no man has the right to take. I hated him so much then. I could feel my skin get hot and my rage flare. God I hated him...because I liked it. Oh heaven help my, I loved it! I began to cry then. No sobbing or choking through my underwear still jammed in my mouth. Just tears running down the sides of my face. He saw my.

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