.. Ohhh Steph my balls are being sucked so cock;s going to explode..." I almost yell."Cum inside her, deep inside that tight little pussy ba...y!..."I'm overwhelmed by your horny demands and on hearing the raw gutteral sound of your request, my balls erupt. Her pussy grips my cock so hard and tight and she begins to cum too, turning to you as she does so, "Oh god, Steph is this for real?..."To which you reply " You better believe it you horny little bitch!... Now take it, feel all his. After about another minute her legs slammed together and about smashed my head. "AAAHHH!" when I got my head out I looked at her laying there chest heaving, eyes closed, "That was awesome." she said. I pulled my shorts off and knelt back between her legs. "No, you can't fuck me, I don't want to get pregnant." she said. She reached down by the stack of magazines and grabbed a bottle of lube. "You can fuck my ass, not my pussy." Shocked I grabbed the lube, rubbed some on my dick, and lined up to. 'OK' I enthused, 'I'm waring my thong, so that wont show' I added. 'She stopped, turned, and said as matter of factly as you can, 'Why bother love, you are a woman now, dont, go commando it's refreshing', laughed and walked out.WoW I though, naughty auntie, perhaps I have inherited my genes from her side of the family. I smiled inwardly as I kicked-off my knickers and turned admiring my profile in the mirror, noting the curvaciousness of my bottom and the flatness of my tummy.Slipping the. He could only stare back as he was overcome with a feeling of warmth to her that turned as they stared at each other into a growing sexual urge. His breathing became heavy and he suddenly felt that he needed to have her, to kiss her and feel her body. Jenny said nothing but slowly began walking towards him, her eyes locked on his. When she finally reached him, they kissed long and slow. Slowly she lowered herself onto her knees and started to rub his growing member through his suit. He was.

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