. and something for you," he said in his deep baritone voice as he gave Indie a gift of a gift-wrapped box of chocolates. "Thank you so much for the i...vitation. I'm sure we shall have a splendid evening. I have a lot to talk about and hopefully show you."The ladies were captivated by the charming manner of their guest for Oskar Botha had a reputation for being gruff and blunt but here he was, charm personified. They were not to know that the impression he was giving was part of his plan to. My mom time and again saved my ass. But she never told anyone about my little misadventures with her, nor did she keep me away from her. I think she loved me too much, and I took complete advantage of it.But soon, it was clear for her that for her elder son, she is more than a mom. I was not at all looking at her as a mom. That became clear as an acknowledgment that summer with an incident.It was summer, and since dad was not at home, we siblings used to sleep with her. I was sleeping next to. His hands were around my waist and our heads were together. The end of the movie was neat -- it had a terrific part about the three guys in a graveyard in some desert and their watches played music and then they shot it out and of course the handsome guy with the Mexican serape won. I really liked that movie, especially since Daddy had his cock in me all during that last part. It felt so good, and I loved his arms around me holding my titties and rubbing my stomach and he was kissing. “I had a hard time concentrating today. I kept thinking about, you know…yesterday.”I wasn’t sure what that meant. Maybe she was feeling regret. I tried to find out more. “What were your thinking about it? I mean, did it make you uncomfortable?”“No, no, not at all. Absolutely not,” she said with a bigger grin. “It’s the opposite – I enjoyed it. I just couldn’t get my mind off it is all.”I grinned back, happy to know that she, too, was distracted by the thoughts of our experience the day before..

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