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It was ten, then. Saying that she switched on the TV and left the room. As my curiosity brewed over, pushpa reappeared with a tray. On that tray there...was couple of beer bottles and mugs, an opener, a packet of chips on a plate and some strange looking chicken, prepared in dark Soya sauce. She filled up the mugs and offered one to me. Then, she locked the door, switched on the music and dimmed the light. To the beats of the Ray Charles music she rhythmically oscillated her pelvis and crept up. I just couldn’t take my eyes off you. My shorts were sticking out with a very hard cock. You just ignored me as I worked. You got up to go in and get something to drink and I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I stopped mowing and ran in right after you opened the door, I push you inside and you shriek from an unexpected surprise. I grab you and force a kiss on you and my hands feel like magnets to your breasts. I grab them through your swimsuit. You moan but try and push back and say we can’t do. "Ohhhhhhhh, Lauren, what are you doing, girl?" Caitlyn asked as she realized that her Lauren's caress had hardened her nipple and was also making her pussy get wetter. Caitlyn reached up to Lauren's chest, cupping her girlfriend's breasts just as she was doing hers, and then Caitlyn got more brazen and flicked the shoulder straps on both sides of Lauren's bra off of the other girl's shoulders. Then, Caitlyn quickly reached up between Lauren's breasts, unsnapped the front fastening and peeled. Feeling the sudden need to walk through the dew-dampened grass and commune with my plants and flowers I began to turn to make my way downstairs. An arm around my waist stopped me in mid-motion and I was pulled into my husband’s embrace, his breath hot on my neck. I melted into him, resting my head in the crook of his neck. “What are you doing up, Connor?” I whispered. He nuzzled me, kissing my neck. “I woke up to hold you and you weren’t there,” he said in a soft voice. The touch of Connor’s.

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