I told him that he coulndt be more wrong, that if I didnt want any of it to happen, I wouldnt have let it happen. We both smiled, and hugged each othe..., knowing that all was okay, and would never be the same again. Jen finally woke up, and made her way to the kitchen, probably smelled the food. " I need something to drink." she said, " I think I lost all my fluids cumming so much!"We all got a good chuckle out of it, and began eating breakfast. Then I had a question I had to ask Alex, " Hey. ”“Why?”“I really wanted to make the payment as good as possible. I have not stopped thinking about it. My pussy stays wet. But, we have to wait for mom to work late. She has not been cooperative lately.”“Okay. Let me know.”Olivia was quiet for a while. I looked at her and she was obviously arguing with herself. So, I interjected, “What are you trying to decide?”She glanced at me with a puzzled look. “How did you know?”“Your face gave you away. What were you thinking?”“After talking. "This time Peter put quite a bit more power into his lashes, and in just a few minutes Helly's behind and the back of her thighs had acquired the most lovely rosy colour, and her moans of pain had changed to moans of lust. Peter reached out and fondled her cunt as if it was just some piece of meat. "Oh, dear. She's very sloppy now. I shouldn't blame you, if you want your slave to clean up this wet cunt with her tongue, before you handle her."The man turned round and pulled at a thin chain,. I gasped.In the mirror, a wide eyed redhead stared back. My face was still minebut my features had softened beyond what I thought possible. Allsemblance of ruggedness had gone along with facial hair. My sharpjawline had melted, leaving an oval shaped face staring back. Next to mypetite, upturned nose, my eyes fixed and darted back and forth, in aninnocent fashion. Framed by a dark green liner, and fluttering eye-lashes. My lips seemed fuller, though it might have been the makeup.Their sheer.

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