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Ann tossed the blanket off and the aroma of their sex filled the air. Will’s stale semen scent mixed with Ann’s lubricating fluids which had drie... as white balls between her pussy lips. The pheromones coming from their groins reached the teens’ noses and caused instantaneous horniness. Will rolled onto his back and Ann climbed onto his lower stomach. She started to gyrate her hips which he held, slowly moving her way down so that the tip of his dick was worked into her crack. He felt the. She has been a girl that I fantasize when I masturbate if I use girls to have an orgasm. I’ve never seriously thought about having a lesbian encounter, until now.Sara asked me, “Cheryl would you come to my house and help me with my hard homework?” I said, “Sarah I’d be happy to help you.” I changed clothes.When I got to her home I had a sexy mini dress on without underwear and she opened the door. She looked so sexy in tiny shorts and a cute braless top.We went to her bedroom to work on her. ”“From where I was it looked like a lot more than fingers being licked over there last night. Maybe that flavor Meg was talking about should have been called Cumsycle.” I thought Megan was going to die laughing as Kelley started punching my arms and stomach.“Bro, you were doing a whole lot of slit licking yourself. You and Megan made so much noise I don’t know why mom didn’t come to check on us.”“Yeah Kelley but I was putting stuff inside that slit, not trying to suck it out. Maybe you need to. I slipped into the moment, kissing patch softly. She responded in kind, moving into it before I nipped at her bottom lip softly. I felt myself pushing not to end this early. Finally I climaxed, a hot pool of fluid gathering against the heel of patch's hand. She smiled a little, then pressed her lips to mine, a little moan escaping her."well, that was awkward, but fun," she said after breaking the kiss. She raised her hand to her mouth, licking just a little of my seed from a sticky bit on the.

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