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” Clint said “And do not even think about biting me,” as he reached for his belt buckle with his free hand.I swallowed hard and slowly took him ...n my mouth, licking our mixed juices from his cock, trying not gag as he pushed himself against the back of my throat. After a few minutes, he pulled me to my feet.“Now bitch,” Clint began “do I beat your ass or fuck your ass. Which one do I do first?”“Fuck my ass!” I asked in surprise “There is no way that thing is going up there.”“Oh yes, it is.”. Always bring a laundry bag in with you just in case.After a good runMy sister goes running every morning. When she gets done she goes and takes a shower and she always leaves her dirty clothes on the floor. I go in after her and get naked. I pick up her stinky socks and put them on my face while breathing in deeply. The smell gags me but it always makes my dick so hard. With the sock still over my nose I pick up her dirty panties and lick the brown spot where they rode up her ass. It always. Being younger at the time, I got this bright idea in my head to make a bet with her. The bet was that I would cum on her face and if she broke out, I had to buy her shoes, if she did not she had to give me a lap dance at some point. So we had an agreement, the next time we saw each other and did something sexual I would get to cum on her face.So one week goes by. I was supposed to see her but unfortunately her parents had something to do with the family and we could not get together. Now. He went to push her off ofhim, but Anna ordered him to stand still. Anna was turned on by theiractions, but she did not note that because Lauren had told her to keepthose feelings to herself. Lauren walked towards her closet. She held a few pieces of clothing upagainst her body. After a few minutes, Lauren and Anna agreed on whatEric would wear. Eric put on the panties after Anna ordered him to. He then grabbed thebra. The girls laughed as he struggled to hook it behind his back. Annaeventually.

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