Unemployed, it seemed like a lifetime had passed since I'd even been out on a date. I couldn't afford it for one thing, and for another, ever since my...high school sweetheart and I had broken up, I'd been too busy working up until then to even think about dating or meeting anyone else. As it was, I was being a bit moody myself one particular evening, though the honest to gods truth was, I was simply horny. Mom had stayed down in the den with me a bit longer than usual watching TV. I was waiting. I can't accept that. I love you. And you told me you loved me, too. If that's still true, then you can't accept it either." "I can't," Zoey agreed solemnly. She set her glass down, reached for my hand and gave it a soft squeeze. The crack widened considerably. Bright light began to pour through it. "So the only way left to go is forward," I concluded. Zoey nodded. Slowly, I leaned over and gently brought my face to hers. We kissed, allowing ourselves to give in to the sensation of each. The elevator quickly emptied out, and I yanked my hand out of your pants. You began to walk towards the opening of the elevator, but I put my left hand, my thumb still hot and slick with your juice, on your shoulder and stopped you, and I pressed the button for the twelfth floor with my right.Some people tried to enter the elevator, but I shook my head and shut the doors on them. Before the doors were fully closed my lips were crushing yours, and our tongues furiously slapping each other. Our. I was thankful when Ben pulled up and tugged out an ice chest filled with water. By the time we had hydrated and slathered the kids with sunscreen, everybody was well rested.“I owe you,” I said.Ben just waved a hand.“Consider it payment for looking after these two,” he said, ruffling the hair of his two boys. “See you later.”He got back in his car and headed homeward. We had made it almost to within sight of the house when my phone buzzed.“Where are you?” Liz asked urgently.“About 10 minutes.

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