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And already, you’re fucking her? Hell, you’re probably her father’s age. Don’t kid yourself Jack’. Ok, being that I am 29 years of age, I ma... have exaggerated with the ‘father’s age’ comment, but still, let’s be real. I’m a good-looking single guy, and I work out at school on a regular basis, but I’m not Ashley’s age, or even in her league. As I parked my car in front of my building, I now had second thoughts about Ashley. The stirring that she had caused in my pants wasn’t something that I. 5″mota lund tha uska, rubi ke nazar bhe cund par he tha ,sir pahle to khade he chuchio ko jam kar chusa rubi jor jor se siski marne lagi ab rubi ko bed par sula kar chut ko chusna suru kia 5mnt me hi rubi chutar uchkane lgi,sir ab bed par chit hokar bole lo rani lund ka maza chus kar lo,rubi sir ka lund muthi me pakdi aur pura muh khol kar desi egg ke jaisa supada ko muh me le liya,sir jor se aaaah kar uthe,ab rubi lund par apna sar upar niche kar rahi the 10mnt ke baad rubi lund chusna chor. A few weeks later I noticed the door ajar even further and again she was playing with herself, she was really going to town laying on her back, she then moved about and knelt up on the bed, facing the mirror, fuck I thought, she had seen me, but she didn’t appear to have done so. There she was knelt on the bed facing the mirror, giving me a great view of her bouncy tits and she rode the vibrator, my cock was rock hard and in my hand. She was going mad and lifted one of her tits to suck her own. 1 bedroom is occupied by my parents, 1 for Veena, 1 for me and the 4th one is converted in a small home Yoga . We are a very close family, open minded and often share problems with each other. My sister veena is most modern fashion girl My father is a Bank Manager. Father told me LAST YEAR when you are going to 18. I will present 1 YAMAHA BIKE. last week father presented my bike. i am so happy. Next day mother told me she wanted to go templei agreed , while running the bike mother hug me that.

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