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"Stay," was all he said as he walked toward the kitchen. I watched him walking, fully clothed, to my refrigerator and open the door to the freezer. He...reached in and pulled out an ice cube. I was intrigued and excited to find out what he planned to do with it. I was still on my knees on the steps when he came back. "Turn around and spread your legs," he said. I did as I was told and he reached down with the ice cube in his hand and ran it over my nipples. Oooooooh the sensation was. It was a gorgeous night. Since we had to leave, I suggested to Cindy that we take a ride on my motorcycle. She told me she loved bikes and was visibly excited at the thought.We made our way out of the fair and onto the bike. Cindy put the teddy bear on the handlebars of the bike, held in place by a bungee cord I had there. Cindy got on and held me tight as we entered the main roads. As she nuzzled up against my neck, I could get a whiff of her floral scented hair. As we rode down the road and. "Now we needn't waste it!" Thanks, I think I might need the Dutch courage!"------------------------------------The venue Steve had chosen was the car park of a country park cum nature reserve and was popular, he told Helen, because of the wooded areas close by and because all 'normal' traffic had usually gone well before dark. He had clearly been there before!There were a few cars already dotted about, each one innocently parked on its own with no sign of lights or any other activity."Now. ” She rolled Harry’s ring confirming she was aware. “You will have company, Danielle is going over Friday morning to see Paul and should be back Saturday morning.”Helena smiled “I’m leaving Thursday morning, Danielle can come over with me and we will return say Sunday. Lets give them some time together. William is sending my plane over in the morning.”They continued with some more chit chat then Suzanne returned to Ben’s office and the guys returned to room 4.When Helena returned back to her.

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