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The tackled the latter role with great enthusiasm.The helpful observations began with input on the best shape for the pile of briquettes. Barbara offe...ed that a short thick pile would work best, while Sandy shared that while that was true, tall thin piles could also work well if used properly.From there it moved on to giving input on where the best application of lighter fluid would be. The girls debated the relative merits of base versus tip for fluid application, and which would bring the. “WOW Andy!” she says “That was amazing! I mean I’ve never sucked a cock like yours before and I wasn’t expecting that!” She got up and gave you a quick peck on the cheek and stood up straight with her hands on her hips in front of you “But don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it!” You say getting your clothes together. “Liked it...I bloody loved it! If you can shoot like that every time, then I’m all yours baby!” giving you another peck on the cheek, “also I’m sure Mrs. Harper would like a go of my. I was so close, my heart was pounding in my ears, my ass throbbing around the toy, my pussy soaking my finger through the glove."Harder, please" Did that come from me? Yup! I was begging Slick to hit me harder with the crop. My body felt so alive, I was so deep, overwhelmed. I think it may have been one of the few times I was lost in deep subspace. I could feel the pain, the fullness in my ass, my pussy soaking the glove, my pussy lips, down my thighs, I was grinding, pushing, humping my hand.. I began to think if I was making a mistake... Should I tell him I'm not up to it? Should I just walk out and not explain anything? But, then again.... I have always wanted to taste a cock, just to see if I liked it at all, and if I would like it.All this time I was standing at the front door when he called me into the back, which was the bedroom. He saw me and just blurted out (knowing I have never been with a guy before) "So you ready to suck your first cock Matt?" At that point, my mind left.

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