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"Elizabeth was gently rubbing her nipples against my arm. I could feel them through her bra and she knew it always turned me on. "Half-an-hour," she, "just time before dinner if we're quick. We can do it here." I was just having a pleasant doze. I'm far too tired for anything energetic."Elizabeth snorted, unzipped me and slipped her hand beneath my pants. Her fingers found me erect. She tugged at my shirt. "You old fraud. You're ready for action." When you reach my age it's no longer. Then Martin said "we are all done for today I need a copy of your time table so I can work around it." So I gave him my time table and off I went back to my dorm for the day.Both my room mates asked me where I had been and I told them I was going to be Martin's new experiment. They both giggled and said "well hope your going to give us a cut of what you make honey." I nodded my head with what I was getting paid I could spare some.Time passed by so quickly before I knew it I was half way through. I asked him what date he would be in town. It was next Thursday - my usual golf day. A plan sprang to mind. I’d tell the wife I was having an away Golf day with the usual Thursday set. I usually took a small case with a change of clothes for if it rained so that would not be a problem. I decided to go for it ! On The Thursday morning I put my clubs in the car and my travelling case. I told Steve I would be there about mid day. I left my wallet and credit cards at home as I was still a little. This is very nice!” She said, “You are welcome, bad boy.” It seems like she had to keep reminding me that I was a "bad boy". I didn’t need to be reminded about it, because I was determined to show her what a “bad boy” was as soon as we were done eating. She went through her first glass pretty fast and then handed it to me for a refill. I actually was a little nervous, so I sucked my first glass down too and then poured my refill. There wasn’t a whole lot of conversation while we ate, and.

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