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"The naked Pyx slipped into my lap, and snuggled up close to me. "You know, Master, if you want to know, all you need to do is ask."I steeled my resol...e. "No. I want to be surprised. I've never been good at waiting, but I'll try."Vonda, also naked, got behind me, and started massaging my shoulders. "And what about my act, Master? You haven't told me about it." You don't need to know. Not yet. What I can tell you is, you will be playing the same role in both the family party, and the main. ..." I began so say and then realized that my voice was nowsofter and much higher pitched. I reached up to feel my throat and sawthat the fingers on my hands were now ..... thinner, with beautifullymanicured long fingernails, and that my skin was soft and a light pinkcolor. I also felt my ..... my HAIR! Instead of the shaggy buzz cut that Ihad moments ago; my hair now reached below my shoulders and was glossyand much fuller. "Oh Crap," I remember thinking, "What's happened to meas I turned and. Till now we didn’t exchange our pictures and mobile number. We used to chat on Hangout. It is always easier to share fantasies with unknown who can’t judge you. She started talking openly. I thought of making my move to seduce her. So one day I started sending her hot pictures of couples smooching in bed.They were squeezing boobs. After seeing that pictures she becomes hot and then we used to have sex chat. Soon we started calling on the hangout and have the sex talk. In a week at least 4-5. During my exams I used to stay late night to study.At night around 11 I went to bathroom and while coming to the study room I glanced at the window which was adjacent to the bathroom what I saw was stubborn me and I never seen before.It was my neighbor aunty which was standing nude in front of a mirror and brushing the teeth.Seeing like this my dick raised like hell which was not done before while masturbating also. I imagined in a way instead of brush it was my 6 inch dick moving to and fro.

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