"Reef or sheetbend, Boats." The answer was crisp. Lenore was enjoying the game, and her hands flew over the Belfast strands, tying the sheetbend, a kn...t she'd actually come to appreciate. She laughed a little, as she considered her answer.She'd learned from Dillon the various ratings and ranks over the week. Kostowe was, she'd known, a Master Chief Boatswain's Mate, and now she knew the abbreviated rank was 'BMCM'. At first, there'd seemed to be an overwhelming number of ratings, but she'd been. Women have caused their entire family to be slaughtered in the desire for power. Kings have beheaded wives because they were tired of them and wanted greater sport. In every case it was because the perpetrator valued themselves above everyone around them. Their drive to succeed was warped by their lack of love for others. Our families are based on love, not greed or self-gain. Every member of every family has been carefully chosen to assure that more than anything else, they want joy for the. We were grinding into each other with a fast forceful strokes and she locked her ankles around me tighter and started running her nails down my back very forcefully scratching my back. I said again Shanthi I am going to cum and she yelled ME TOO!! As I started filling her wanton pussy with a torrent of my hot sperm as she arched her back and squealed louder than I thought humanly possible.As we lay beside each other both of us out of breath she punches me in the arm and said you promised you. We'll talk later."As they left the room, Lisa commented, "He'll have you committed to a mental hospital by the end of the day."Winking at her, William said, "No need, I already live in a madhouse."Lisa laughed and headed towards the kitchen. She wanted to finish preparing a snack before Tim came home from school. She was making a fruit salad with a honey dressing knowing that William enjoyed it as well.William returned to the living room and handed the keys to Ken. He said, "Move the car so.

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