He continues doing this slowly not to push her over the edge but to tease her pussy. After he has established this as a nice relaxing expectation he ...tabs it into her hard and fast. This gets her to cry out again and her pussy squeezes down again his cock. He slows a bit but this time continues nice deep strokes into her wet pussy. He leans over and kisses her deeply and then back and nibbles on her nipple and then up continuing slow deep strokes into her pussy and then he takes his fingers. I could feel her body temperature rise. ‘You really are beautiful.’ I told her. She smiled as she leaned in to kiss me again. She lowered her head and started kissing around my neck. ‘First sign of life’, I told myself. I turned my neck a little to give her more room. She took one of her hands and placed it around my neck. Her other arm was wrapped around my waist. I took her hands and gently directed them to the button on my jeans. She finally got the hint and started undoing my button. I. ‘You’re bored… You could’ve at least woken me up properly.’ ‘Don’t sulk. Against my better judgment, I put you to sleep ‘properly’ last night. Remember?’ she poked him in his ribs. ‘Mmmm… No, I don’t recall. Refresh my memory?’ ‘Oh, you are too much!’ she laughed, ‘It’s Christmas morning and the first thing you think of is sex? And in your mother’s house, with her in a room right below us?’ ‘Leave my mother out of this,’ he said lazily, his eyes closed again. French’s caresses turned a little. Next stop was the pilothouse and lounge. Harry took almost an hour to explain all the features."The yacht has stabilizers, and a bow thruster. To the port and starboard sides, are controls so the captain can see the side of the yacht when docking and operate her. There are two radar units, one long range and one short range. She has the latest in electronics," Harry said."There is a stateroom in here," Harry opened a door in the rear of the pilothouse. "It will have a queen sized bed in it. It.

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