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We were just hanging out having some beers and playing darts. It was a pretty slow night, but all of a sudden this group of young pretty girls came in...o the bar. The one girl was wearing a tiara on her head with a cute pink shirt that said ‘Bride-to-Be.’ She was also in a short mini skirt with black pumps. This girl was absolutely beautiful. All the rest of the girls were wearing shirts that said “Bridal Party Member.” The other girls were just as sexy, all blonde haired with blue eyes. I. "Shouldn't I be singing the duets with Sarah?" Sarah has requested these assignments herself," Mr. Benson saidcautiously. I knew he was as reluctant to get into an argument as I was."I'm afraid that it is Mr. Knight who will be singing these duets."Mark turned red and I knew that he wasn't going to accept what Mr. Bensonhad told him without a fight. He turned toward me."No offense, Sarah," he started, which would not have endeared me to hisplea if I didn't already know him. "But I think that. Because people would know." Who's going to know?" Sarah demanded. "Look at yourself in the mirror."I did. A pretty young woman looked back at me. "You don't even recognise yourself, for Pete's sake. Your own mother wouldn't recognise you."She was right. The woman in the mirror was exactly that. A woman. A bit wobbly on heels, perhaps, but a woman nonetheless."Look," she said. "We'll be in the car. I'll drive. Nobody's going to pass any remarks."Five minutes later I stood at the front door. My. “There’s an underwater causeway for us old folks.”She could see he was teasing her. It actually was possible to swim to the resort, and there were those adventurous souls who did so. For the rest, a glass-encased causeway ran from the end of the pier, underneath the water, to the resort, itself. A glass elevator was, even now, rising up right out of the water at the end of the pier to meet them.Tabatha watched, enchanted, as water cascaded off the top of the elevator and down its contoured.

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