I just stood there, my cock enjoying the attention, as she played the feather duster over me, even wiping it under my balls."I really think I should g...t to see you two, at least topless, after I've done all this," I pleaded and Debbie just laughed."Now, don't be a sore loser, Ben, you did lose, remember?" Debbie replied."Why don't we do another bet, a new one? Loser does the other's apartment next weekend? I'll do either of yours if I lose or you two can do mine topless if I win?"They laughed. Her makeup was subtle and carefullyapplied, her legs covered with tan hold up stocking's, her skirt wasshort and ended a couple of inches above the knee, she wore blackstrappy heels, a white blouse and she held a faux fur coat. A longblonde mix wig came down below her shoulders.Serena looked Maya over and was amazed at the transformation. She couldsee no sign of Mike. All she saw was an amazing looking girl. She smiledand thought that this could be a fun relationship. She would have aboyfriend. .. one small bit of light in an otherwise somber few days.Laura finished picking up the scattered pieces of broken plate almost mechanically, throwing them into the garbage can with the remains of the earlier ones she'd broken, and sat down again at the kitchen table, smoothing her freshly ironed skirt out across her lap with unconscious precision. As she sat, from all outward appearances perfectly composed and calm, her mind raced through a maze of conflicting emotions, bounced off the. ’ I stupidly agreed. I climbed into bed, pulled the duvet over me and stripped down to my Calvin’s. As I pulled my t-shirt over my head, I caught a glimpse of Dannii undressing in the doorway. She made no effort to conceal herself as she let her zipped up dress fall to the floor, allowing me a perfect view of her back and her heavenly ass, which was enclosed with black lace French knickers, and as she turned I could see she was wearing a matching bra, with one strap sexily fallen off her.

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