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Heck, I HATE CHRISTMAS!” Katie shouted as she exited the bus into pouring rain with bags of Christmas shopping in each hand. “Why did I sell my c...r? Why? I’m a fucking idiot that’s why.” She huffed and sighed heavily before snuggling into her scarf and shuffling the mile walk to her house. ****** “Oh well I wish it could be Christmas everydayyyyyy!” Lucy sang in her car as she flicked the tinsel surrounding her rear view mirror. “It’s safe to say I love Christmas.” She said to her reflection. I've come across some English words thatpuzzle me. Do you have a bilingual dictionary I could refer to?"Mortimer looked up briefly. His normally well-fed, relaxed and rosy-cheeked face looked, not frightened or worried, but extremelyconcerned. "Not Dutch-English," he said, "I have a German-English thingI picked up some time ago. It's on my book-shelf." That will do fine. German I understand well enough." Willy went overto the book shelf and peeped over his shoulder. "You are busy thisevening.". We had an amazing weekend. Saturday we spent the whole day in bed… and no, we didn’t spend it all screwing. We talked. All day we talked and cuddled and he cried and I comforted him and.. yeah, ok we had amazing sex. The same thing happened Sunday and by the time I took him home Sunday night I was completely, hopelessly, scarily in love. I couldn’t stop smiling all day today, and neither could he. It was great. We were like kids. I have never been so happy in work. So there you have it. This. Nenu tanaki na mobile chupinchi, ippati varaku jargindanta record ayindi . nenu chepinatlu cheyi ani cheppanu.Sare ani mellaga na moddanu teesukoni notlu petukundi. Kani mellaga tanu baga cheyadam start chesindi. Nenu tanani padukomani chepi kaallu dorram ga petamananu. Na moddanu teesi tana pooku lo petanu. Tanu tattuko leka tana peddalanu korukuthu undi. Nenu tana pedalanu lip lock chesi dengadam start chesanu. Tanaki first time valla pain tho arustundhi na debbaku blood kuda vachindi..

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