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She enjoyed a nice 8" thin blue dildo with an egg shaped tip. While I sucked one tit and rubbed the other Mark slid the dildo in and out of her pussy... A few short thrusts to get her wet, but once the tip popped inside her pussy she was ready to take the whole thing. I lifted my head so I could see the dildo sliding in and out of her cunt. Mark started to suck on her pussy and nibble her clit as he fucked her. I went back to sucking her tit and Mark was pushing most of the that blue dildo. I knew a beautiful woman like her dancing that way would draw attention.”I looked at John. “Please don’t be offended by this but I am pushing Tana to explore her submissive side.” Both women gasped but I did not stop. “Tana would have danced, and she would have been sexy, but she would never have danced the way she was had I not made her. You can tell she’s embarrassed for me to talk about her this way, but I can promise you she will smile when I tell you both how happy I am to have her here. “Good” I said “What’s up?” “Well the customers are asking to have a lap dances with her and she had not done any yet.”
“Yeah I am aware of that. You guys want me to talk to her.” I asked. “Well sure,” Theresa chimed in, “or should I,” she asked. “I got it,” I said. “No problems.”That night Ronnie was on fire and she had the crowd on their feet she was so fucking hot. I was pretty amazed. After the night she was waiting for me and she told me.“Hey good news Dave has an interview tomorrow out of. "She is a very competitive person. If she was less outgoing yesterday than the rest of us, it is because she was pissed off at the game. It wasn't because of you."Mary's mouth dropped."I'm sorry if I gave you that impression," she said quickly. "He's right. I was stewing about the games. I was happy to meet you and I hope you'll feel welcome here. Maybe you can class-up this joint a little." This coming from a woman who bared her breasts at the breakfast table yesterday," Sarah said with mock.

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