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He hadn't found anything he liked... He looked at himself in the mirror, in his wife's body, yellow panties and bra, and realized he was angry. What t...e fuck kind of life was this? But it was futile to argue. This was his life, he figured. And pulled on her jeans.He was going to go down and have a coffee in the food court, sit down a little while, when he passed a store he hadn't considered. It wasn't a chain store, it was just a little mom & pop (if it was possible to be a mom & pop store in a. ‘You know most of them will do it if you tell them to. You and me and those two chicks from Sigma K, right? It works all the time, bro!’ Dammit, ignore him. Now I recognized the ghost behind that voice. Again Donna started her caress from my tightly ballooned balls, across the hard shaft of my cock which obediently throbbed into the palm of her hand. ‘It’s gotten really hard.’ She said as her fingers reached the swollen and reddening tip. ‘Yeah. It sure has. That feels great, Donna.’ She arched. But I was beginning to think it might be appropriate to make a couple of exceptions. I held Rose-Marie while her tears soaked my t-shirt, which took rather more than five minutes. When she'd wound down, she kissed me, which soon heated up until we were thoroughly involved. We had a very late lunch. As we got up to go downstairs, she held me against her."Thank you, Edward. That's really taken the nasty taste out of my mouth. I don't know what I'd do without you."Well, that was an opportunity if. “Well Peter” she said, “where would you like to start?”Not waiting for my answer she kissed me gently on my lips, a kiss like none that I had ever experienced, her tongue striking into my mouth and touching mine in a way I could never imagine, my naked body stiffening in a display of sexual tension, as her hands led mine to her housecoat buttons.One button at a time the pink towelling parted, revealing as it did her magnificent chest, her nipples brown and stiffly protruding.The kiss over she.

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