He tensed as hardness was thrust into his tender slit. He had found himself welcoming it the last two times. Stick it in me, he had found himself wish...ng as he hung there. Was that so wrong, he had a cunt now so why not use it. The more his thoughts repulsed himself, the more he knew they were being fashioned by the chemicals entering him, and the more he wanted this. This dildo was bigger than the last and left him groaning for sometime after the footsteps had left the room.He fiddled with the. Grandpa Carson had been a pilot for Pan Am, and then United, and then spent the last 15 years before he retired flying corporate and entertainment charters on international flights around the globe. He had been early in and early out in several different profit sharing plans, and had also taken some pay in stock from corporate clients a couple of times. According to him, he had even taken a half a point on the profits of a movie from some producers he'd flown to Africa. They were both. All she did was go up and down on my cock. She did not suck on my balls or lick my anus and when I was close to cumming (I told her I was about to cum) she stopped and finished me with her hand. After the shower, I decided to ask her about her day and what she did. Than I realized that it was not Tia who I fucked earlier, it was her sister Mia. Later that day, right before we were leaving for dinner Mia showed up. Tia was surprised to see her and even though I now knew she was in town I. "There is something, I can feel it. Tell me."Shelly reddened and shook her head. "Nothing, Ma'am. We're both of us switched to infertile!" One of those new inhibitors, I suppose?" No, Ma'am... a direct pituitary gland interface!"She sniffed. "And he's rebalanced your hormones to make you fall in love with him then, is that it?" No Ma'am. Master James..." Yes?" ...would never do anything like that."She glowered at Shelly and Marie. "In that case, you're an even worse fool than I imagined,.

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