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” handing it to me. It was in my grandfather’s handwriting, addressed to me. With a note as to where and when. The letter within it was simple. I to go back to my office, alone, and enter a code into the old keyboard at the desk. I asked Adam about it. Strangely he was silent about it.The note, as well as the contents of the envelope, told me that something had been going on all along and that I had been deliberately left in the dark about it. The question was WHY?I was as eager as I was. I knew I had a moment to strike, or Id lose this beautiful creature get away. I followed her towards the door. I reached out to touch her on the shoulder but she turned on her heel and looked at me before I could. She stepped towards me. Ran a finger down my chest. Youll do. This huntress of a creature was making me nervous. A feeling I hadnt experienced in at least ten years. I felt my cock twitch a little. She snapped eye contact and turned quickly striding towards the car. She was tall for. But you miss out young Gabrain, Lord of Cowall and Bute. He may be but a boy but he has the makings of a fine lord." This of Echdach is another fell blow for Dalriada, split, leaderless, weak. Only you to support the new King."Once more he had to stop as a coughing fit consumed him."You don't understand mac Fergus, mac Domangairt is of the seed of Boanta."Scott looked at the King, puzzled. He seemed to remember that Gabrain's mother's full name had been given as Eilean nic Malcolm mac Boanta. At this point the cigarette wasnt even lit but the bulge in my boxers was throbbing, with the cigarette still dangling from her lips she started to quiz me , she asked me what i liked about women smoking in leather gloves , i decided to just be upfront and told her i had a Smoking Fetish and that women smoking was a huge turn on, she told me she had never met anyone who found her smoking sexy and that most people find it disgusting, and that she found the whole thing intriguing. She told me to.

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