After lunch we needed to get out for a break, so we decided to look round the quaint cathedral, which was, apparently, famous for its crypt. We got to...the crypt down a slippery and uneven spiral staircase. Inside the crypt, it was dark, dank and cold, hardly ideal conditions, but for some reason we both knew what was going to happen in there. In a flash we were entwined, with hands and mouths everywhere; I could feel the welcome bulge in his trousers as my juices began to flow. Soon he had his. ”I stripped my clothes off and crawled into bed, leaving the light on, and slid up next to my baby sister’s naked body. “I love you” she said and then softly kissed my lips letting her tongue slide into my mouth. I slid my right arm under her neck putting my hand on her back, and my left hand grabbed her ass as I pulled her in close to me. “I love you too.”I let my hand on her ass slide around to find her wet slot and began tweaking her clit. I could tell she was already wet and slid my middle. The movement made those full boobs hang and move pendulously, and the rigid nipples profiled against her fair skin. His cock was hard as a rock, and he had trouble getting his pants over it. She almost seemed to laugh at his frantic tearing at the pants. She just stood there, hands on her hips, a knee pointed in sensuously, until he finally got them off. He took a step toward her, but she whispered "No darling, stay there. Watch me bathe."She turned her body toward the stream keeping her head. .please, if that is okay?" The assistant smiled and then checked Toni's sizes and got her an identical copy of the display, she then showed Toni to a changing room. She quickly donned the outfit and after some struggling she managed the laced front of the corset and stepped back to view herself in the mirror. She gasped when she saw herself. Her hair though dark brown looked almost black and as it was really long she had braided it into a long ponytail and it now hung over her shoulder and.

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