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The pilot announced that we were about an hour out of San Diego and Anna seemed to get a smile on her face. I asked her what was so funny and she look...d me dead in the eye and said she wanted to join the Mile High Club and she wanted me to help her. I, needless to say was stunned. Here I am sitting next to a young rising tennis star and she wanted me of all people to help her join the mile high club. I told her that I would be glad to help her but how are we going to do this. She said she would. I've used it so often I can hold it and turn it on with one hand.Soon enough came the very familiar buzzing,I traced the vibrator around my breasts,rolling my nipples;I was so horny my hips were already squirming against the bed.I could my pussy dripping,aching for the familiar touch of the vibe.I began to trace with the vibrator lightly over my fully shaved mound.His voice purred through my mind again as I slipped the vibrator between my lips. Feeling it graze my engorged clit,I moaned loudly. Look, we hadn't been intimate in any way for so long. When the "other woman" came into my life, I thought it was a way I could keep the basic marriage going, at least as a shell or something, and not be so frustrated and unhappy all the time. I didn't "try" to break us up. I thought at some time it might get better. But no I didn't have any plan to make it better. Before you say it, no I didn't think very far. I know I hurt you badly. I'm sorry, I wish I'd acted better. Maybe it's for the best.. It's hot, slippery.... and what woman doesn't like the idea of having a blade slide against her man's prized possessions? Especially when she is in control of it. Lol. It's just plain fun... and sexy. I'm all professional while handling his jewels. My problem is that I can't keep my hands or my mouth off him once we're almost done.I've found the most efficient way to shave his junk is as follows:1) A bucket of very hot water.2) Prepare your work area with ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼a. A brand new razor or.

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