His pace quickens as I listen to his groans of pleasure. I feel my own excitement grow, hearing him moan. “Open wider, pet!” He growls at me, I...do, and he begins to thrust with such force I can feel every last inch of him fill my throat. I begin to gag slightly as I take him. His pre-cum fills my throat thick, he moves his hips with such ease. He is going faster and faster, my mouth wide open as I take all of him. His balls pushed against my lips, they become moist from my wet lips. The way. " "Exactly," you reply "It's my cottage, so if you want to party here, you have to carry." Steve looks at you and laughs, "Ya, well all the booze and shit is in MY car; so unless you want to invite everyone into a dry cottage, you'll be doing a little bit of carrying yourself." You see the wisdom in Steve's comments and make your way outside to the 'car'. It's actually a shitty 87' Chevy Caprice wagon that tends not to kick into drive, but he's proud of it. You move around to the back, grab a. She then grabbed my hair and pulled on it. "Grunt twiceif you can read Kanji. If you can and you lie, you'll just put yourself in morepain. If you can't and you lie... oh will you regret it. Trust me onthat." Well I decided that I was already up to my neck, so I truthfullygrunted twice to let her know that I could. "Good boy... by the way, I waslying, this is going to hurt MUCH more than if I used English letters..." ??????????? The bitch! But before I could spewany muffled obscenities at her,. His hands were on my arse raising my body and pussy up and then joining my pounding with a forceful push of my arse and hips, down onto his body.His finger went into my arsehole. I knew it would stray. The dirty bastard.“You like that don’t you ...you slutty tease”“Ah...yeah...you bastard...get it deeper” I added.“Like this you tramp”“Mmm” was all I managed.But it felt great. He eased a second finger into my widened back crack and it added instantly to my pleasure. The only thing better than.

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