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I bit my lip as I was about to face my husband. I was grinning as I approached him in the kitchen. I asked whether he was happy doing the dinner.I was...faced with a barrage of abuse. It started by him asking where I had been, that the bloke he sent to pick me up complained that I was not at the bus stop. That he drove around a while before phoning my husband back to tell him the bad news. Of course, my husband had insisted I would be there, waiting.I finally got a word in edgeways and told him. We had never even discussed such a thing and it came as a shock to me that she would piss in my mouth but I felt nothing was off limits, so continued to drink and lick as she filled my mouth again and again. Her fingers were rubbing her clit the entire time so after she finished, the combination of my tongue and her fingers, she came quickly and again filled my mouth but this time with her sweet juices.We lay on the floor kissing and caressing each other for maybe an hour and really said. I could not wait and grabbed everything and headed to the guest room. Once in the door I opened the towel and was shocked there where three items in there with extras. There was a Fleshlight, a pocket rocket/pussy a cock ring and extra inserts for the fleshlight. One insert was a pussy and that was in it already and there was an asshole and a mouth as well. I was so shocked I did not see the note she had written. "I hope you enjoy them all as much as I enjoyed picking them out for you. Remember. " "You think? And why aren't you in a room?" "All these places look alike. Lara's in the room talking to Trout and I didn't feel like talking to you in the bathroom. First rule of touring: there is almost no privacy." "Pity. I was hoping one night we might work in a little phone sex." "Brody!" He couldn't hold back a laugh as he imagined her going red in the face. "What?" "Jesus! I'm not going to do that! Not in a hotel lobby!" "Why not? How many other people are there at this hour? Who'd even.

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