"Say, is your refrigerator running?" Why?" she asked breathlessly. She kept her arms around his neck, hopingfor another kiss."Because we'd better catc... it then, before we go out for that dinner."***Alternate EndingThis ending was suggested by Steve Zink. Thanks for the idea, Steve.***The phone rang, startling him. He pressed the speaker button. "He-hello?" Is Geri there." It was her. "You might as well speak up. I _know_ you'rethere." No, bitch. This is Andy. What the hell did you do to me?". ...? I don´t think they are very practical..... I mean, they´re not safe." O.K. Sweetheart. We´ll call the wires a mistake." Suddenly there were hands upon me. Blessed hands. My arms fell. Stupidly I saw they were covered with blood. I could not move them. I was lifted and placed upon my feet. The plank gone. I was in paradise. I leaned into someone´s arms and put my head against a chest. It smelled like Mike. I did not want to move, ever again. If I moved I hurt. But it was a beautiful pain.. A massive speckled cockhead was emerging; the prickhead was nearly flat with a giant slit ready to pump out a gallon of horse cum. Cringing, her body shaking with tears, fright, and disgust, she opened her lips and took the horse cock into her mouth. There was only about 6" of it out at the moment, but it was growing larger with each moment. Liz had to keep backing away, making room for the gigantic prick. Her eyes grew wide in shock at the sight of such an enormous piece of meat. John had. I pull the strap until her elbows touch and the air wheezes from her lungs. The strap is tight but I pull it tighter and lock the buckle, enjoying the way it bows her shoulders back and forces her tits to jut off her chest, like she actually wants to present them, which she doesn’t.Lillian looks absurd with her panties lodged between her pussy lips. Her tits look double-scooped ice-cream cones pushing through the holes cut in her bra. Maybelline great lash mascara stains her cheeks and her.

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