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I felt fat and ugly, I worshiped the porcelain goddess far too often—morning sickness is really disgusting, what a rotten way to start the day, and ...o interrupt it, too; it isn’t just mornings—and we agreed that we were going to settle for two.Hugo got them started early. He’d tell them bedtime stories from his own childhood, often continuing ones that left them on tenterhooks from one night to the next. When they were old enough he gave each of them George’s books to read; George did four. .Nuvvu eppudina ee adadani manani(pookuni) choosava?Chudaledu annanu..Ippudu nuvvu mee vadina gari daggariki velli langa etthi chudu..Vadina daggariki velanu … Mancham kinda kurchoni …Onukutu unna chetulatho langa koddiga ethanu…Lopaliki chusanu…Ori devudaaaaaaaaaaa…. Pacchaga balangha unna vadina thodalu…Avi kalisina sandhi pradesamulo ubbetugha kovvu patti …Trigesina tribhugham laa vadian manam….Madhylo sannati lothina geetha …Okka ventruka anedi lekunda..Naa kallu aa place ku atuku poyayi.Aa. The business is doing well and the family is doing well. The only thing I don't have is what the evening mail reminds me of.A wife.A wedding invitation from one of my high school buddies. Not a big deal. But it reminds me that Ame has said no for four years straight. No marriage, no kids, no ties. She wants to be available to walk out as soon as she gets bored. But she's not bored. And she makes just as many long term plans as I do. She's the one who wants to remodel the basement and install a. After two days of our visit that girl came to our house on that time we was going out for shopping she also came with us for shopping while going in car I was looking her only and she was giving me smile and used to bend her head down, Then I taught to seduce her fuck her any cost after we returned home all were busy in their works I and that girl were talking some stuff and she asked me about girlfriend so I told yes I have one so she got disappointed and said k so I asked her what happened.

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