Suddenly, my partner jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She looked at me over her shoulder. “After I take a leak, I am going to take a shower to clean up from last night’s loving. Feel free to come on in and start your morning routine. PT (physical training) is in thirty minutes. I will take it easy on you, until your body gets used to the routine.”PT was not intense at all. She led us. She spent a long time with stretches. We did push-ups and sit-ups in three sets of one. The warm sensation of her silky inner walls sliding along my shaft was only amplified by her muscles clamping against me. I began to roll my hips forward in a building rhythm as her legs pulled me deeper. Our eyes locked with foreheads touching and hot breath blowing on each other’s mouths as we worked into the steady rhythm. My hands adjusted her hips slightly from side to side until I watched her eyes roll closed, signaling that my head had touched her most sensitive inner wall. My fingers. This position makes her pussy the most exposed and vulnerable to me. I begin fucking Bebe deep and fast! This is what this table is for. Fucking the shit out of my girls. Bebe loves violent fucking, or any kind of fucking, for that matter. She begins making grunting noises and rocking her pelvis up to me!“Bebe, you are full of surprises tonight! Damn, your pussy is so good, Bebe! I’m cumming in you Bebe darling!” Nana cleans Bebe up and puts her back in her crib. Bebe goes back to masturbating. “I talk to you in a little while. I really need to go to the store for now.Someone else might see that bargain too, and buy it before me.”Hans laughed deeply. “As soon as he leaves the store, the merchant will place a new original replica in the empty display and he is taking it from a box labeled 200 Original Replica Swords of Terra, made on Klackt Nine.”Krabbel raised his legs.”It does make him happy.”I estimated at least a hundred Senior Midshipmen had assembled in the lobby by now. Everyone.

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