I take my hand and bring it to my mouth and we both suck your wetness from my fingers.I am desperate to taste you. I slowly start kissing my way down ...our body. Lingering on your hard nipples, taking them one by one into my mouth. You moan softly as I suck the n them. My fingers continue to go deep into your cunt as I kiss my way down your body.I have slowly made my way to your pussy and I tease it with my tongue then move to the insides of your thighs kissing each . You beg me to lick your. Now, don't you worry about these woods. I'll be keeping an eye out for you. Okay?" But, I don't know where to go," I said, feeling a little more confident, but not fully. "I'm lost!" Well, that depends on just where you want to go," she asked as right before my eyes she slowly vanished."Uh, I --" I stammered, not so sure about the whole thing any more. "I don't know. Away from here." Then you're sure to get there, if you only walk far enough," she said, fading into view again."But which way do. Paul invites him in. He walks in and sits down on Paul’s bed; Mary sits beside him. This is the usual way she acts when he visits, unless Liz is with him and the two girls retire to Mary’s room. He gives a slow nod, and says, “Mary, that’s interesting, but I need to talk to Paul for several minutes without any interruptions at all. That’s never happened before with you here. So, either you leave or we find a way to ensure you don’t interrupt.”Paul grins at the dirty look Hal gets while Mary. " Besides Yuki. And who seemed to be the favorite of the customers?" Cassandra, the black slave was truly beautiful. Her services were in constant demand by customers and masters alike." Where is she now?" asked Vickie."I'm not sure. She called me about a month after the Empire Club was shut down and Yuki and I had come here to live with you. She, like a number of the former Empire Club slaves, was having trouble adjusting to the non slave world. She told me she was having trouble keeping a job.

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