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She's wearing some nice tight jeans that hug her ass, and a white crop top exposing a little cleavage and her protruding nipples. Since I'm so quiet s...e's getting even more anxious which turns me on even more. I can't take it anymore I grab her and shove her up against the door planting a much needed hard kiss on her soft lips. She pushes me back and asks me what I'm doing. Without a reply I push my tongue into her mouth playing with hers. Again she pushes me back and tells me to stop this. As he mounted her, Dad noticed the little tube in her arm. She was under sedation. That was good, Dad thought. Had she been unconscious without sedation her condition would probably be even worse. He followed the thin clear tube with his eyes all the way to the ceiling, across it, down a wall and into a cabinet. He had to go there. He waited for the right moment for maximum distraction.Mom was actually taking all of the huge dick in her throat. Her head was purple and her eyes red but she took. "Jay, what are your doing, release me. Now!"Before I could respond Mary jumped in and said "Take it easy Jen, I know what I am doing. Barbie taught me a few things during college." And with that, I heard the sound of the vibrator turn on. Mom jumped upon hearing the strange noise. Mary showed mom her new toy and proceeded to wet it down with her long lingering tongue."This is going to be your new best friend my dear," said Mary.Mom continued to struggle but with me on top and Mary holding her. We can have a drink and talk. Later we can either eat here or go out to a restaurant, your choice.”I nodded. My choice? I wasn’t sure what these guys wanted, but I was curious. “Sounds good. Lead the way.”Forrester led the way and I followed them into the lounge, the St. Regis Bar. We were directed to a small room to the side, with a few low tables and armchairs. We settled in and an African-American barman came up to us. “Welcome, gentlemen, to the St. Regis Bar. Can I start you off with a.

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