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How was I to know what was to come?It was nice when he ran his hands along my spine though, his palms flat against my back and his fingers sides a little. At first he ran his hands from the nape of my neck down to the end of my spine and back, but then I realised he was very gradually working his way south, massaging my bottom as well as my spine, but only reaching up as far as my shoulder blades. I was as randy as hell, but I was enjoying it and I knew he'd get around to the. I will call him raja because he is truly the king of my heart. We will call me Elanor. Anyway I am Elanor. I am five one with extremely white skin, dark brown eyes and auburn hair. I am approximately 38-32-40. I am not fat, but extremely well per portioned. I am American and live in the south eastern United States. I have been involved with a man by the name of Adi for about 8 months, and Raja has been engaged for a couple of months. Things have not been going well between Raja and his fiance. I’m getting way too ahead of myself. Scratch everything you just read and let’s go back to my high school years …..I grew up in Florida for as long as I could remember. I could remember going to the sandy white beaches of the Gulf and spending time at Disney World. But a little after my 9th birthday, my mother began to get very sick because she was a druggie. At my young age, I didn’t appreciate what my mom did, I always knew what drugs she took because she could never outsmart her son. After. .. I'm soconfused." Yes, I understand. Tell me more about school now." I get a lot of bullying. Everyone calls me a big sissy and a queer."Jayden paused. "Well, not everyone. There are a few girls who are myfriends. I hang out with them and they protect me." How much do those girls know about your home life?" I know they suspect something. Every once in a while one of them sayssomething like 'I bet your mom is trying to make you into a girl!' Inever tell them the truth, but they can guess.

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