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That’s when i came into senses and adjusted my dick. I apologized to her , to which she said ”its a normal thing, i know you boys can’t help” ...deep sigh) ”were you thinking about me abhi?” I was shocked by the question, I couldn’t say anything . I just nodded in yes. It was silence for a moment then i said ”i am sorry if you felt bad, I couldn’t control myself” Its okay, she said. She then turned over and slept. I couldn’t sleep all night. My mind was struck on her. Her breast and her ass were. We've been flirting with each other over text. I've known him forever, and I think he has a crush on me too. My name is Kathryn. Anyways, we arrived at the hotel after the long flight and the drive over here. We finally made it. I was so excited to spend the time here with my friends. We got our card for our room and our teacher said to get settled in and get some rest, because it was about 10 oclock. We opened the door to our room and found a great surprise. There were only two beds. All. There have been a couple of occasions where my interest has risen, once walking upstairs as she left her room without doing up her dressing gown, my eyes "accidentally" falling straight to her chest, I couldn't believe how firm they looked, It was the first time I became aroused by her. A second occasion whilst at the local pool I bumped into her, her full length costume did nothing to hide her curves, and the water drinking down her skin was a definite turn in.But this all started at a local. ." She cut me off quickly."Dan, before you try to make something up, you should also know that Isaw that something was MISSING from the bathroom counter as well."Holy shit. I... AM... SCREWED. Absolutely every ounce of color must havedrained from my face. She could see how distraught I was and startedapproaching me."Dan, calm down. We have to talk."Here it comes. I can't let my daughter be going out with a pervert."Has Jackie told you what I do for work?"My silence was pretty much due to just.

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