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" I spat."I will come back after I am done." she stood up, touched her nipples, turned around and spread her cheeks to show me the girth of her red, s...ary anus. Almost 2" across, it never closed anymore. For next 10 minutes, I heard my mother fuck her john in the room next door. "Yeah! Fuck that pussy! Fuck me baby" she encouraged the man.Yeah!" he grunted as he drove his penis into my mother's cunt."You like whores baby? I love being your whore." she said, loud enough for me to hear. "Yeah!". I froze and listened, confrontation was not part of the job. After what felt like an age and no sounds coming from the room I crept forward and peered in. On the bed was a woman in what looked like an expensive evening gown asl**p on the bed. An empty bottle of wine lay on the floor. I gently pushed open the door and silently entered. ‘Quietly now’. I was thinking as I crept in. I went to her dresser and went through her jewels selecting the best ones. I turned to leave when I spotted her. Shed would hump us hard & sometimes play too hard with our pussies. She would play with our pussies spontaneously, on the school bus, church basement, in the park. Shed do it at odd times & whereever she thought in her mind we wouldnt be caught. We did get caught one day at church it was her, one of our church girlfriend & me. We were in the storage closet humping on each other fully clothed but bare hands in each others bare pussies. We must of been making noises that werent aware of so in. Hand in hand, we run down to the waterline and stop. I try the water with my big toe, it's still warm enough to swim in. A wave brushes past our ankles and you jump and squeal when the cool water hits your skin. “Come on, let's go!” I start wading deeper into the lake. The water is up to my hip and you're still ankle deep. I use my hand to motion you to come further, and you oblige. Once you reach me, I give you a light splash of water. You yelp again, and splash me back. I run ever deeper,.

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