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We had a big deal going on in another city. Everybody was excited. The owner, Liz and myself got to go and stay in a hotel to nail this deal. The firs... two days I just ran and gathered info from dawn to dark. Then we got the deal on Wednesday. But there was still much work to do and Liz and I would need to stay thru the weekend. Wednesday evening I was in Liz's room using her computer to get some info I needed. It was late, Liz was out with the owner. They came into the hotel room and I was in. She was in jeans capris and short printed kurti with some light stone work around her V neck which was not deep. She was enjoying watching rain and didn’t come to knew that I was watching her. I judged black bra under her kurti. I also judged her tits size around 36 which was good prominent on her body. Suddenly my wife came behind me and tapped me. Fortunately at that time my eyes were somewhere else and not on that lady. My wife asked me about the plan and there was no way going out due to. I was impressed, to say the least, but was curious about a few things, "Garter belt and stockings... or pantyhose?" I asked suggestively, the blue dress had enough pleats around her hips so I couldn't tell.Lori grinned saying, "Garter belt, baby,” with a naughty lilt.I was wondering about panties, knowing that if she let some guy get his hand that far up her leg, panties weren't going to slow him down anyway, "Panties!" I asked trying to keep a straight face. Lori tried to look offended but. There was a brief resistance, but then she slipped inside.It was easier and less tight than she would have expected. She wonderedif Ryan was routinely forced to keep a plug in his bottom to keep itstretched, as she had been at the mansion. Even so though, it feltdifferent to a woman's pussy. She was not sure she liked it, but thatwasn't the point."What do you want, Ryan? Nice and loud now ..." Tiffany marvelled at howmuch in control she sounded, when in fact she was a prisoner to hershame. But.

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