Taking a half-step nearer the girl, she lifted her chin again, and bowed her own head, bringing her lips gently but firmly to those of the startled ch...ld. Though the shock of the kiss almost completely distracted the girl's attention, yet she was aware of a warmth somewhere in her body that seemed to rise a bit in response to the witch's lips on hers.She knew that she ought to draw back, that this was unnatural, and, half-heartedly, she attempted to do so.But, somehow that gentle hand had left. I closed the lid on the toilet, sat down, took the thong, wrapped it around my penis and started jacking off into it. Visions of Sam flashing through my mind, the image of her poking nipples on the breakfast table, her body wrapped in nothing but a towel after her shower and her long slender legs that I just adore. Then my thoughts changed to images of Sam sucking my cock, of her big breasts bouncing freely while she’s on top of me riding my dick. How I wish my fantasies could come true. An. The climax of the entertainment came when I was instructed to open my legs so that a very aristocratic lady could suck my balls whilst two others stroked my cock until I exploded. I was almost delirious with ecstasy as the ladies took turns to lick the cum off my tummy and chest. When they had finished feasting, Hannah returned and wheeled me back into the kitchen and washed me clean with a hot flannel.The second part of the evening was just like the many cocktail parties I had been to with my. Then, the shorts come off and the vest top us off, and she is once again in a string bikini of small proportions. “What are you reading?” I asked. “shades of grey, I know it’s a bit shit as literature but it turns me on", she replied.Reluctantly, I left and set off on my errands. A couple of hours later I returned. Pottering about the house, I could see Laura, in the garden, headphones in, lying back reading hear soft porn. She was clearly unaware I was back as her book was in front of her and.

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