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"No," she said then giggled as my hands found naked skin.I lent forward and kissed her right breast, while my hand mauled the left one."Stop, stop," s...e said trying to push me away."No fucking way," I said with an evil grin on my face.She pushed me hard and got away, running upstairs to her room."Naughty boy," she called over her shoulder and giggled.She was waiting for me at the top of the stairs, her chest heaving from the effort of running all the way."What kept you," she said and turned and. "I lifted Sylvie up from the bed and hugged her. She was quite a bit shorter than me, I could feel her chin against my breast. I could sense that she was still a little tense about this, her heartbeat sounded like a sledgehammer. I held the embrace for some time. I wanted her to relax, to start to enjoy the contact with another woman's body. Then I took her face between my hands and kissed her, first very gently, her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks; getting more assertive when I reached her. As the bell rang on the last class of school Friday afternoon I felt atingle start to permeate my entire body. Anticipation set in and I knewthat it was going to be an amazing evening.I rushed home and changed quickly before once more heading out to my tourbus. My family and my best friends rode with me down to the Nokia Theatre.The bus pulled into the back lot that was created by blocking off most ofGeorgia Street on the west side. There were already a number of busses andtractor-trailers. " she handed me her coat as she snatched mine out of my outreached arms and quickly wrapped herself up in it-- my close-fitting, dark grey wool pea coat. Then, retaking her larger, fluffier coat, slipped it over mine-- and voila! She was now double layered while I stood in my tight-fitting muscle shirt. She sighed relief."Ah! Thank you-- much better. Smells good, too," she said, giving me a once over look. "C'mon-- let's get you back to my place so we can warm you up." And off we went into the.

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