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They said Good Evening complimented me on my dress and started to make light coversation. I said straight away that I was a TV and one of them just sa...d "so you have come for a little fun". I smiled and with that his friend started to unzip himself and the other one says would I care to join them. OK no probs I walked over and the man put his arm around me and started to kiss me his friend came up behind me and put his hands under my skirt and lifted it up and now I could feel him pressing up. She said, “Papa, faster please. Please increase your speed. I never had such experience in the past”. I increased my speed and banged her with vigor. The movements of my dick back and forth made slurp like sounds. That excited her. “Papa, harder, faster. I am in seventh heaven. Please be fast. And yes, please do not pull out when you come. I am on pills and so there is no worry”, said Payal. I gave her massive strokes for five minutes and the shot out a huge load of cum in her cunt. I some. “dekh ye kuch nahi karenge.. Tujhe thoda pyaar karenge mai tab tak toilet ja kar aati hoon tu inse baat kar” kehati huye nabeela ne apni panty pehani aur apne dono chunchiyon ko ubhare apne chutad matkaati kamre se nikal gayi.. Ab kamre me mai nanga aur lubna kamar se upar adhi nangi thi. Maine kaha “daro mat mai tumhe sirf pyaar karunga.. Abhi jab tum nabeela ko dekh rahi thi to kaisa lag raha tha?” Usne koyi jawab nahi diya. Maine uska hath pakad kar fir mere pas khincha.. Aur poonchha “bolo. I thrust my face into her open crotch and reached up to play with her nipples. Janet went wild. She loved everything that I did to her.After I had given her three more orgasms Janet said, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Stick your cock in me and fuck me.”I asked, “What about the hundred dollars from Steve’s father?”Janet glared at me and then she growled out, “Fuck me you little pervert. Fuck me now.”I swear that her eyes glowed green and that her head spun around completely. She had transformed into a.

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