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‘Let’s walk a little bit.’ As we walked, we passed a soda machine. ‘Hold on a sec. Lemme get a soda,’ I said. ‘Ladies?’ I asked, ‘I’... buying.’ ‘Maybe later,’ Maria said. ‘Uhh, no thanks,’ said Kathryn, eyeing Maria. Seeing Maria had not stopped, I decided to grab one on the way back. Maria extended her left hand and I held as the three of us walked down the path. We walked for a few minutes along the path and into a small grove of trees. A few minutes later, we emerged on the other side. We. I texted him, knowing he wouldn’t show Kenny: “When Kenny leaves, if you still want to continue last night, wake me up later. I’ll take good care of you.” Shortly after, I was out like a light.I woke up around 9pm. George was standing next to the bed in his pajamas (how had I not woken up when he came in? I don’t know.) with an obvious bulge in his pants that he was rubbing. I sat up and looked at him. I said “Are you sure?” He replied “Yes. Are you?” “George, I’ve wanted this for so long… When. It seemed every second of her life was a flurry of activity, so she was gone much of the time. It seemed I rarely saw her.I sometimes thought that if it weren't for Sally's strong sexual needs, and her own recognition of them, she wouldn't have let anyone - much less me - into her life at all. Don't get me wrong. She was loving, sensual, caring, and, honestly, the best lover I could ever want. Certainly, she was by far the best woman I had ever had the pleasure of loving. Nothing was out of. I get to introduce you to the beautiful art of special massage." April shivered again."There you go again," the masseuse said. "See, just thinking about it makes you quiver. That's what it is, you know. You are quivering because you can't wait for what I am going to do to you. And you are beautiful, which makes it something special."April wondered special massage was? Did she have a lot of women coming in for these special massages? But still, she wanted to ask the girl. But she'll think I am.

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