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Peggy had been my first serious crush, after all.We spent the rest of the run catching up. That had been my intent and was why I didn’t push the pac.... We were both laughing when we came in the back door.“You two are in a good mood,” Uncle John observed.“We went for a run, and David was being a goof,” Peggy explained as we got the coats off the boys.Aunt Bonnie came in, looking put out.“That kitten is evil,” she announced.“No take-backs,” Dad said to make sure it was clear they’d agreed to take. Jenkins could put up with such a simpering, childish woman, but kept my voice level and business-like. She went on and on about her Daddy, president of the bank, and about Mr. Jenkins and his land speculations which had gotten him very rich in the process as if they by their successes gave her some sort of self-worth. We were just about finished when Mr. Jenkins came back in the shop to claim Miss Hawkins. She immediately went to him, babbling all along about the gown she was to have made.. .. but let's not go there."It was my turn to blush because at that point she ran her cool fingers along the scar on my forehead.She leaned in close."My older brother graduated from UC the same year as Jessica. He was also in marketing and communications and he had a crush on her. He told me that during her last year at school ... to his dismay ... she was engaged to some engineering geek and then at the graduation party they broke up ... something about a fight that left her fiancé bleeding. I don’t feel like it will be too overwhelming as long as there is a bit of privacy during the ride and between riders. So, IF you can make it private?one guy at a time without spectators?I’ll play your game. It might be fun. And when I say enough, that has to be enough, okay?? ?Everyone gets at least one go, then it’s up to you when you want to stop.? ?Sounds fair enough,? Her nose wrinkled. ?Do you think some will want seconds?? ?I can’t imagine why not!? Hump,.

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