Now after 3 months of waiting for his move, I am ready to make mine. I am going to seduce my grandfather.Pretending I had no idea that grandfather was...on the porch, I took off my bikini top. Untying both knots with ease and releasing my D cup breasts from their confinement. I was one of those lucky girls who got big tits and a thin frame.I then turned my back on the porch and slipped my bottoms off in one smooth motion, leaning down as I did this to give grandfather a good view of my neatly. He was tall, maybe six-feet-two and well built with a deep chest and broad shoulders. "How old are you?" I asked with a smile."Almost sixteen," he said. "I missed a year, illness, so I'm just a second year boy".I chuckled. "I'd say man if I were you. What do you weigh?" One sixty or so. Do you always dress like that?"I smiled and nodded. All I was wearing was a very thin basic singlet which barely reached my thighs and bared my breasts if I leaned over, an old one that was comfortable and thin,. I suppose that it might have been curiosity about what might have led up to what I was seeing and what was going to happen, or it might have been a latent tendency toward voyeurism coming out. Whatever, I just stood and watched as Babs gave up trying to push Brian away. Instead she started beating on his chest with her hands. Brian took no notice of her struggles and continued to mash his mouth down on hers. Still kissing her he walked her backwards until her legs hit the kitchen table. He. .. it was worse than ever, she couldn't even think of resisting as the tongue began to lave her pussy. It felt horribly good. "How many a****ls do you know that could talk?"Kristen moaned, unable to answer, unable to even look at where her incredible pleasure was coming from as the fairy tale Wolf continued to eat her out. She could feel an orgasm coming on, but somehow it didn't feel like it was going to be big enough, like her body was telling her that this wasn't all...Writhing in front of.

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