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Lois felt as if she would explode as Doreen’s soft fingers gently teased her damp opening and her friend’s silken skin brushed against hers. ‘Oh...hhhh!!’ she moaned as Doreen slid first one finger, then two, into her. Her hips rocked, rising off the bed, seeking more of the exquisite pleasure she was being given. Her body fluttered with ecstasy while the assistant principal’s lips roamed over it. The fingers invading her began a slow, maddeningly wonderful thrusting. In and out, in and out, the. I knew then that the life is back in this boring party.After a couple of bold dares, she was given a dare. She was asked to select a guy from the group and take that guy to the washroom and stay there for two minutes.To my surprise, she chose me and we ended up going to the bathroom together.She looked directly into my eyes and I was not sure what I should do.She just said that I was dumb and took me and kissed me then and there.And trust me! It was difficult to keep my dick in those jeans. " To the back fence, then along to the east fence, and then back hereagain?" Rachael said. Ruby nodded her agreement."Ready, set, go," JJ said, and the two girls took off. Ruby took anearly lead, as Rachael wanted to see her horse running to ensure that itwas fit. Then she let Blackie go, and the stallion was off like a shot.It only took 100 strides for him to catch Ruby, and then they left thembehind. Rachael remembered where the ditch was, and had Blackie inperfect stride to be able to soar. " I did as she ordered licking and kissing all over her boots to her heels then i began sucking her her heels up and down til they were completely sopping wet. She said "Good boy, now your ready for a bigger one!" She got up and left the room for a few minutes, then came back completely nude except for the big black strapon she wore. She laughed as she was stroking the strapon and said "Did you think you were going to be fucking my pussy tonight?" "No it will be me who is fucking .

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