" Laura said. "Let's have dinner and a early night."Next morning saw us heading back to the studio. It was Laura's last dayat work before her eight we...ks off and she was really excited. Tonightwe were heading up the coast for Easter at my holiday unit.Arriving at the studio, Sam and Sal were waiting for us. They walkedover as soon as I parked the Rover. "Hey babe...Jeff...look we've comeback with another offer." Sam. We are not interested at any price." Yeah anyway, we're going to offer ten. Maxwell's mind started to race as he lookedat her. Victoria stretched her arm forwards to shake Maxwell's hand andsaid, "Shall I'll take it you took up your mother's challenge,Maxwell?"Maxwell nodded to confirm her assumption as he stood before hersilently. Victoria let go of his hand and said, "It will be a pleasureto work with you again."Maxwell nodded again as he thought back to his past with Victoria. Shewas formerly his personal assistant at the do nothing, no show job hismother created. Gary came in and looked me up and down – as if I was a prize cow. Leering, he said “wow – don’t you look fabulous Summer hun – you’re almost wearing that dress! Come here and give me a big hug” which I did. As he hugged me, one hand stroked my naked buttocks and one hand stroked my very swollen belly. He obviously wasn’t planning on wasting any time! Mark came down, said hi and got us all a drink (juice for me – remember I was 8 months pregnant!) and we went into the lounge. Without any. I went back to kissing him and again he pulled away. "What is it this time?" I asked, exasperated. "I didn't break up with her yet so technically it still cheating," he said. "Do you want to do this or not?" I asked, getting annoyed. "Oh my god yes. Yes, definitely I want to do this. But I also want to be a faithful boyfriend," he told me. "Fine. Just call her up right now and break up with her." "That’s actually not a bad idea. I’m gonna call her right now." He took out his phone and.

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