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The polished wooden floor appeared ready for a ball that same evening. Downstairs the rooms were enormous and another curved staircase with twin silky...oak banisters led upwards. The corridors were so large that Andrew couldn’t resist teasing Jennifer once more. “You could drive a horse and cart up and down these corridors. Jennifer, you will have housewife’s knees and hands just keeping this place up to scratch.” Peter grinned. ‘Well I’ll always know where to find her!” he remarked, bringing. ’ ‘But if you had, no one would have believed that I needed to be home this soon with you. With you not being there, everyone believes you’re on full bed rest and need me here.’ ‘It was nice of Jason to include me.’ ‘It was. He’s coming tomorrow with the gifts. Except one, I had to bring home. I got it after you left the party. Would you like to see it?’ Angel smiled. ‘Sure.’ Don swam to his wave runner, and carried his backpack to the shore, then he scooped up his wife and carried her to the. " She moaned againThe soldier hit her mouth with the hilt of his sword, she felt her fang chip and she cried in pain, she could almost feel her father, just almost."Father." She moaned.Once all were secured and was all set the degradation began, the soldiers took their time having fun with her and her sisters, all while the sun slowly killed them, she had lost her will to scream a while ago, tears still poured down her face, the sun burned so badly that she almost didn't notice the pain between. I had bandages all over my stomach and waist."Brad, I still don't understand what happened. How on earth could we have switched bodies? It's not possible!" Katie said."Well apparently it can. I don't know how though. All I remember was when I saw you laying there on the floor I thought to myself that I would do anything I could to make you better. And I mean anything. I love you that much. And from the looks of it, I did take the pain away from you", I explained."Oh my God I can't believe you.

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